Alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehabilitation Treatment is a Process

Admitting you have a drinking problem is sometimes more difficult than actually overcoming your alcohol addiction.  Once alcohol interferes with any area of a person's life, whether it be his/her job, hiss/her family, either physical or personal, that individual has a drinking problem.  Alcoholics can be any age; most often he/she has been a heavy drinker for many years or developed a drinking problem later in life due to a stressful situation.  A non 12 Step drug rehab center offers patients an alternative to AA 12 Step programs, and offers patients an individualized treatment program that is effective for their needs. A non 12 Step rehab program provides patients the option to attend or not attend AA meetings during treatment, as as those meetings are more of a support group for aftercare treatment.

The Process of Drug Alcohol Rehab

Drug alcohol rehab is the process of eliminating a person's dependence on drugs and/or alcohol. A person can be dependent on drugs and/or alcohol in two ways; physically and psychologically. The human brain often becomes accustomed to the presence of the feelings associated with having a certain chemical substance in the body. Especially if a particular substance is being abused. For example, if a person drinks a lot, his or her brain will get used to the extra alcohol present in the body and when the alcohol is absent, the person will feel uncomfortable until he/she drinks or uses again. Psychological dependence usually means that a person does not feel "complete" or "normal" unless she/he has taken their drug of choice and/or alcohol. There is a variety of treatment techniques, which help patients with physical and psychological dependents.

Non 12 Step Drug Alcohol Treatment

More than ninety-five percent of all alcohol and drug treatment centers are based on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are several issues with the majority of the drug and alcohol rehab industry being 12 Step programs. The 12 Steps are an aftercare program, meaning their focus is on keeping people clean and sober. Their primary purpose is keeping people sober, not getting people sober. Non 12 Step drug and alcohol rehabs have evolved into a better understanding of these problems and how to best treat it. Treatment should be all about therapy and teaching alcoholics and addicts how to live a clean and sober lifestyle.

Difference between 12 Step vs. Non 12 step Drug Rehab

What difference does it make whether a drug rehab is 12 Step or non 12 Step based? When talking about alcoholism and drug addiction, you are talking about a matter of life or death. Some addicts and/or alcoholics may only get one clear opportunity to find recovery from their disease. Non 12 Step drug alcohol rehabs understand that the 12 step approach may not work for everyone. The statistics are very clear. The 12 Steps of AA work for some patients, but not all. If a drug and alcohol treatment center wants patients to find lasting recovery, they should offer both a non 12 Step as well as a 12 Step approach to how to help their patients to stay clean and sober.

Alternative Drug Alcohol Approach

A non 12 Step drug alcohol rehab program is an alternative approach to the traditional 12 Step method of rehab treatment for alcohol or drug abuse patients.  Drug alcohol rehab centers that offer non 12 Step treatment help their patients by approaching each individual as a unique person.  Some patients may have different needs than others. Depending on their situation and diagnosis, the non 12 Step approach tailors to the individual and provides a personalized rehab program that is effective for their particular needs. To ensure a successful rehabilitation process each individual undergoes SMART recovery, a recovery program that helps patients stay successful when the Center program ends. Many drug and drug alcohol rehab centers offer the traditional 12 Step programs to treat alcohol and drug abuse. Many are finding it ineffective. Drug and alcohol rehabs need to offer its patients an alternative to 12 Step programs.

Individualized Drug Alcohol Treatment

Successful non 12 Step rehabs will provide an individualized treatment programs that fits the needs of each client. Drug abuse centers specialize in assisting patients who are undergoing drug and/or alcohol withdrawal.  Since no two patients are alike, non 12 Step treatment provides a treatment program that is most effective.  Modify your dependency on drugs or alcohol and give yourself a chance for a new life.  Let professional clinical staff, psychiatrists, therapists and psychologists help you start the rehabilitation process and take the step toward recovery by getting help today before it is too late.