Non 12 Step Recovery Programs

There are a limited number of recovery programs which offer non 12 Step treatment. Most of them are more holistic in their philosophy. They place more emphasis on exercise, nutrition and clinical therapy. No two treatment centers are alike. Each has its own unique style. The ideal is to match the programs that the facility offers with the needs and issues of the person. For example, some treatment centers do a much better job of treating patients with a co-occurring mood disorder, such as depression. Finding the right non 12 Step recovery treatment program can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider. There are a limited number of non 12 Step programs. When you are choosing which program is right, keep in mind there is no absolutely perfect program.

Nationwide Listings of Non 12 Step Treatment Centers

Here is a list of non 12 Step rehab programs from around the country.


City, State


Saint Judes

Amsterdam, New York


Saint Gregory's

Adair, Iowa


Inspire Malibu

Malibu, California