Alcohol Rehab Programs

Alcoholism is a progressive disease. Sooner or later every alcoholic hits what is known as “bottom”. They realize it is time to make the necessary changes to their lives. Attending some type of alcohol rehab program is generally considered the right first step. It’s often hard to know where to turn. That’s especially true when dealing with something like alcohol abuse, which is surrounded by myths and social stigmas. Choosing the right alcohol rehab program can be a daunting proposition, but the good news is that if you’re seeking help, then you’re already on the right path. While alcohol abuse and drug addiction are a growing problem in the United States, one that the CDC has called an “epidemic”.

  • Approximately 2.5 million of the more than 20 million Americans who abuse drugs or alcohol receive treatment through recovery programs each year.

Of those people who do seek help for alcohol problems, many turn to fellowship programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). But the famous 12-steps of AA don’t work for everyone, which may lead some people to despair. Fortunately, modern medicine and therapeutic techniques have found a variety of non-12-step options that can help anyone overcome their addiction.

 Recovery Starts With An Alcohol Rehab Program

Alcohol rehab programs come in all shapes and sizes—from low-tech camp environments to luxurious retreats—but they all share a common goal: to help you regain control of your life. This is handled through a variety of approaches that vary from program to program and from person to person. We want to do more than treat your addiction, we want to help you heal gently while also cultivating an active passion for life. That’s why we combine our world-class clinical approach with a program of healthy activities such as yoga, meditation, hiking, art therapy, and more.

Regardless of which alcohol rehab program you choose, an important component of your recovery journey is your aftercare program. In the past, many people who underwent rehab found themselves relapsing quickly once the program was over because aftercare was not in place. With our modern understanding of treatment, we’re aware of the importance of good follow-up and aftercare programs to help make your recovery into a lifestyle.

Inside An Alcohol Rehabilitation Program

When you first enter an alcohol rehab program, you will undergo an addiction, which will help determine what level of care you need to be successful. Different individuals have different needs, and extenuating circumstances such as co-occurring psychological conditions like PTSD, ADHD, and depression can further complicate treatment. That’s why the non-12-step approach to alcohol rehab works so well; it allows for personalized treatment, tailored to the whole individual, not just the addiction.

After the assessment, you’ll go through an alcohol detox program. At some alcohol rehab programs these are handled on-site, at others detox is done at off-site facilities specializing in dealing with drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. In either case, you’ll start your rehab experience clean of any drug or alcohol toxins.