Alternative Treatments

Not long ago, a federal judge ruled an atheist was not required to complete a 12 Step program. In the judge’s opinion, the 12 Step program is a religious organization. The fact is the 12 Step program is based in religion, and the format does not appeal to some people, and it does not work for others. The bottom line is a patient should have options and choices about the scope and philosophy their rehabilitation program.

Alternative Drug Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Many alternative non 12 Step programs are using techniques like substance abuse counseling to treat their patients. Therapy is a very effective way to treat for abuse as psychiatrists try to reach the bottom/source of why abuse started in a first place. The treatment does not end with the diagnosis of the source of the abuse.

Psychiatrists also give advice on ways to cope with the underlying problem and monitor the progress of their patients. This type of therapy has created a huge demand for Masters level and Ph.D. level psychology students in various drug centers to help patients with substance abuse counseling.

Reasons for Alternative Treatment Programs

Non 12 Step programs offer an alternative to the industry standard, 12 Step treatment programs. Most non 12 Step based treatment centers are clinically oriented. The term non 12 Step treatment program means the drug rehab is not using the 12 Steps, from Alcoholics Anonymous as an integral part of their treatment model. Some alcoholics and addicts do not care for the concept of being powerless or that drug addiction and alcohol abuse are diseases. Non 12 Step based rehab programs offer a viable alternative for those who have either unsuccessfully tried the 12 Steps, or choose to not make them the basis of their rehab process.

When people talk about non 12 Step they are talking about alternatives to the well-known 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. There is nothing wrong with the 12 Steps. As a matter of fact, it is one of the greatest things to happen to troubled people. The issue here is that the 12 Step approach does not work for everyone. The other issue with the 12 Step program is the spiritual religious aspect to the 12 Steps. For some people, it is a deal breaker. And the 12 Steps are not treatment. Modern treatment centers are not basing their entire program around them anymore. They are more therapy based.

Traditional versus  Alternative Treatment Programs

The traditional 12 Step programs are basically a set of guidelines that are aimed at addiction treatment. It had become very popular with many drug centers and patients as a treatment therapy. There were often complaints that the 12 Step programs were not as effective and did not equate to fast recovery of patients. Fortunately, there are now other therapies available that are more effective than the 12 Step programs. Alternatively, non 12 Step programs are now gaining popularity. Many California treatment centers are adopting this therapy along with other therapies to help their patients recover quickly and at an affordable price too.

There are several ways to treat substance abuse. You can use the traditional 12 Step program. Experts argue about the effectiveness of such programs and there are often debates about the pros and cons of such a program. The good news is that there are alternative programs to the traditional 12 Step programs which are considered much more effective. As anyone would guess, these are called the non 12 Step programs. You can get this treatment done at many drug rehab centers. Alcohol/substance/drug abuse is a very serious problem and if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you should get treated as soon as possible.

Alternative Means Options

Non 12 Step treatment centers seem to understand that people deserve to have alternatives. As successful as the 12 Steps have been, they do not work for everyone. As a matter of fact, most people who have tried AA or other 12 Step programs, have not been successful. Think about that, the 12 Step approach did not work for most people who tried it. Yet most treatment centers still cling to it as if the statistics were just the opposite. Non 12 Step treatment centers are offering their clients a greater opportunity to find lasting success. Would you choose a rehab that does not work for many people or would you choose a rehab program that offers alternative: Successful treatment.