New Harvard Study Confirms – Big Pharma & Federal Government Are The Root Cause of Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Crisis: Big Pharma, Pain and the Addiction Blame Game  There’s no doubt that the crisis of opioid addiction and fatal overdoses in the United States is a complex and complicated issue. A recent Harvard study – The Opioid Epidemic: Fixing a Broken Pharmaceutical Market – walks back the origins of a predicament the… Read more »

List of Celebrities Who Died From Drugs And Or Alcohol

Sensitive, creative, demanding more from themselves than is humanly possible, celebrities constantly engage in self-criticism regarding their ability to perfect their craft, whether they are actors, musicians or artists. As their celebrity status grows, so does their reliance on others to provide the sense of self-worth and validation essential to maintaining confidence in themselves and… Read more »

Recovery Quotes

Carrie Fisher will forever be famous for her legendary performance as Princess Leia, and later General Leia, in the Star Wars franchise. This is a role that inspired people around the world. But Carrie Fisher didn’t just inspire people on screen. She also inspired people off screen with her candor and openness about her struggles… Read more »

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Opiate Addicted Babies

The opioid addiction epidemic is heart breaking but what more heart-breaking is the number of babies born by drug addicted mothers. It is saddening to see that every 19 minutes there is an opioid addicted baby born in America. While many of the opioid addicted adults willingly avoid or fear giving up the drugs because… Read more »

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