Robotripping: Downing Too Much DXM To Get High

robotrippingRobotripping is a slang, street term used to describe the ingestion of large doses of Dextromethorphan, also known as DXM or DM, in order to get ‘high’. DXM is the active ingredient in a number of over-the-counter cough medications, including cough syrups and gel capsules. The most common over-the-counter product containing DXM is Robitussin®.

Some of the street names for dextromethorphan include;

  • Skittles
  • Robo
  • Dex
  • Triple-C

Defining Robotripping

Robotripping usually involves drinking cough syrup containing dextromethorphan, although some users also report grinding tablets that contain DXM into a fine powder, and snorting the powder. Other users combine DXM with alcohol, marijuana, or other substances as well in an effort to amplify the psychoactive effects of high doses of dextromethorphan.

Robotripping Dosage

According to the New Zealand Consumer Medicine Information service, the maximum daily adult dosage of dextromethorphan is 120 mg.

By comparison, a 44-year old male who was treated for dextromethorphan addiction in Germany reported taking 1800 mg of DMX daily for an extended period of time prior to his admission to a hospital for detox.

According to Wikipedia -“the maximum daily therapeutic dose of 4000 mg of APAP is often exceeded, potentially causing acute or chronic liver failure, making abuse and subsequent tolerance of products which contain both DXM and APAP potentially fatal.”

What It Feels Like To Be Robotripping

When consumed in toxic doses, DXM has been shown to produce euphoria, hallucinations, and other mind-altering effects in some users. According to the Toxicology Data Network;

  • “In adults it can cause intoxication with hyperexcitability, visual and/or auditory hallucinations”. These effects can be experienced “within 15 to 30 minutes after oral ingestion”.

DXM users also report a number of unpleasant physical symptoms while robotripping, including;

  • Severe Nausea & Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Hot Flashes
  • Dizziness
  • Itching
  • Ataxia

DXM use has also been linked to anaphylaxis and seizures when taken in high doses.

Robotripping Is Addictive

Like all substances that have the potential to produce intoxication, recreational DXM use, or ‘robotripping’ can lead to dependency and addiction.

A case study of a 44-year old DMX user by addiction researchers in Germany confirms that dextromethorphan abuse can lead to significant dependency along with a number of notable withdrawal symptoms. Researchers report this patient required 21 days of intensive inpatient detox to begin treatment for his dextromethorphan addiction. During the 3-week detox period;

  • “The patient developed an vegetative withdrawal syndrome consisting of craving, diaphoresis (excessive sweating), nausea, hypertension, and tachycardia”. As a result of these findings, the study authors concluded that “dextromethorphan is a psychotropic substance that carries a potential for abuse and dependence”.

Death By Robotripping

Can someone actually die from Robotripping? The answer is yes, it is possible.

Although reports of fatal overdoses as a result of DXM use are rare, there are a number of documented cases where users died after deliberately taking large doses of cough syrups containing dextromethorphan.

A recent case report from Pakistan published in the Egyptian Journal of Forensic Sciences confirmed over 50 DXM-related overdose deaths among males aged 17 to 45 years old. According to the report, “the dextromethorphan concentrations in all subjects significantly exceeded the therapeutic range and were consistent with concentrations reported in other cases of dextromethorphan abuse and toxicity”.

In the United States, there are 5 verified DXM overdose deaths include five teens in Virginia, Florida, and Washington state. They died after ingesting dextromethorphan purchased for recreational use over the internet.

More About DXM

Dextromethorphan (DXM, DM) is a synthetic drug within the morphinan chemical class, and it therefore considered to be an opioid derivative.

Available since 1954, dextromethorphan is the active ingredient in many over-the-counter cough-suppressant products in the United States, Canada, and throughout Europe.

  • When used as directed, products with DXM are widely regarded as both safe and effective.

DXM is classified as a “dissociative anesthetic”. Meaning that it is chemically similar to Ketamine and PCP. As a result, taking significantly more than the recommended therapeutic dose of DXM can lead to symptoms that mimic these commonly-abused drugs.

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